Rate Card

AD PRODUCTION: Unless specifically noted, all advertising production is included in rates quoted.

GUARANTEED POSITION: To guarantee placement on a specific page of the paper please add 20% to the black and white rates quoted here. Note: Available only on sizes of four (4) blocks or larger.

SPOT COLOR: Spot color is available in each issue. Depending on demand, color will be confirmed at deadline. Note: Available only for sizes of four (4) blocks or larger.

MECHANICAL REQUIREMENTS: Separations and half-tones require 85-line screen. We strongly recommend a one-block ad should contain a maximum of one photo and 30 words. Proofs will be supplied only for advertising sizes of four (4) or more blocks.

FREQUENCY & DEADLINES: The Florida Investor is published 12 times per year. Circulation is no later than the first business day of each month. Advertising deadlines are generally the middle (21st) of each month, but are subject to change. Please call for confirmation.


Geographic Breakdown
With an average press run of 25,000 per month. Distribution is concentrated in South Florida, Central Florida, North Florida, and West Florida. The remainder is distributed throughout smaller regions, with additional subscribers in other States and International.
Distribution Methods
The Florida Investor is delivered to individual and corporate subscribers, through retail newsstands and through a series of aggressive sampling campaigns. The Florida Investor is delivered to convenience stores and other key locations in Central Florida, South Florida and Western Florida. In addition, the sampling campaigns focus on a variety of distribution channels, including subscribers of major daily business newspapers in selected markets, highly targeted direct mail lists to Commercial Real Estate offices and Business Brokers, high net worth individuals and offers to other qualified individuals/organizations. In addition, the Florida Investor regularly exhibits at select trade shows, providing free current issues and free trial subscriptions to targeted audiences.
Paid Circulation
The Florida Investor is a paid publication and is delivered to over 5,000 locations throughout Florida that include many grocery stores, convenience stores, hotels gift shops, airport locations, newsstands and many more.The Florida Investor is now available on newsstands across the State for $1.75.